Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Greetings from Ellajean

This note is for our families who might want to catch up on the family news ... Pat arrived today for a short visit ... for two sisters, we do not get together as often as we want to but we talk non-stop for sure. Paul and I love for her to come ... I grew up an only child ... never knowing too much about my Dad or his life and one day, his precious wife asked him to tell you kids about his young life and about me. So he did ... and hence ... Pat and I have become such good friends and we are sisters of course ... living in Dallas for at least 55 years ... I am quite content ... I have three kids ... pretty much older ... my daughter has a grand son so that makes me great Grandmaw. The racing season is opening next week and we will have a filly ... Elegant Dancer ... who will be running "fast" I hope. We went to an opening last night with the staff and had fun ... I am a full partner in the track so that gives us lots of fun at events and special happenings at Lone Star Park. I keep my children informed about all of you and someday ... someday ... perhaps we can have a grand reunion for our family and all of your families. Lots of love to my new-found family ... may the Good Lord bless and keep you till we meet one day ... fondly ... Ellajean email:


  1. I'm so glad you all got to visit!! Love to Aunt Ella Jean and Paul and go Elagant Dancer:)

  2. KARA: Thank you for writing to me ... it is so great for me to have a wonderful extended family ... you know I love all of you and look forwarrd to seeing all of your family one day ... maybe i can get my old bones down there one day ... we could have a very noisy reunion I bet ... what a great day that would be ... love you and your family ... Ellajean