Monday, April 7, 2008

Mother's Birthday

Mother is 93 today. We had a little party for her and she seemed to have a great time.

My brother's son came with Bela to help Great-Gram celebrate her birthday.
It has been a beautiful day for her with presents, cards, balloons, candy, and flowers. Thanks to all who helped make her birthday a happy one.


  1. Happy Birthday Aunt Mary C.! I hope to look as fabulous when I am 93. Pat, great post, thanks.
    Cathy V

  2. Thanks, Cathy. Yes, I hope to take advantage of those good genes and stay as fit and nice as she has.

  3. Amanda Riggs21/4/08 3:44 AM

    Way to go Grandma! I can only hope to live as long and fruitful life as you. Wohoo :-)