Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Graduation Time

It seems like it is graduation time all over the place right now. I ran across this picture the other day and remembered back to the day (several years ago) that our daughter-in-law, Kara, our #2 Son, and I all graduated on the same day. It was an interesting experience and one that I treasure! Since that time we have all moved to other cities, #2 Son and Kara have added three girls to their family, and we are all involved in other jobs and endeavors now.

And then there was the picture on the left taken when our oldest grandchildren (and only ones at that time) were quite young. Now they are both in their teens and our #1 granddaughter is as tall as I am. Mercy! How time flies! We have added another sweet daughter-in-law and four more grandchildren since then--and one more grandchild on the way.


  1. Oh, my how time flies. I'd like that curly hair back (sigh) three pregnancies does a number on your curly hair follicles:) The girls love the pictures. Look at Uncle R with the iron in his hand, giggle.

  2. Yes, it does take us back in time, doesn't it? I am definitely more pleased with my shorter hair. Under that cap, my hair looks like Pluto ears! Ugh!