Sunday, June 22, 2008

Home Again

We traveled to see Son #4 and played with Miss Ella Bella for a couple of days while her mother rested on the couch with doctor's orders to stay immobile until Grandchild #7 is ready to enter this world. Miss Ella Bella is so wonderfully delightful! We spent time outside blowing bubbles. When we went to put on her shoes before we went outside, I got out her socks and she said, "No socks! Just feet!" She wore her shoes without socks. She spent time reading the morning newspaper with her granddad, and she showed us her new baby brother in her mom's tummy.

We also went to a wedding in a beautiful church and watched a friend walk his daughter down the aisle. The bride was lovely and we had a great time visiting with a number of friends who attended the wedding and reception. Before we left for home I got to walk in the sand and dip my toes into the water with the waves splashing on my legs for just a few minutes. What a marvelous feeling that was! I picked up a perfect shell to bring home until the next time!

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