Tuesday, July 29, 2008


We are so excited that Son #4 is going to graduate from college next week. He was our son who told us his senior year in high school that we would be wasting our money sending him to college. He told us that he was going to join the Coast Guard so that he could develop some self discipline. We did a double take on that one because we lived in the Texas Panhandle at the time and did not even know where one went to join the Coast Guard. However, he found a place to go and came back--having enlisted. Gulp! We sent him off that summer to Cape May, NJ and he spent the next seven years doing search and rescue and learning many, many skills that have served him well. After several years in the Coast Guard, he decided to enroll in some college courses, developed a deep interest in a particular field, and continued until this momentous event--GRADUATION!

The road he took to graduation has not been easy. He has worked at least one job and sometimes as many as three jobs while whittling away on his coursework. He often carried a load that I did not believe a human being could manage, but he did it with great determination. During his journey to graduation, he married a lovely girl who has eagerly supported his desire to get his college degree, they have had one little girl and on Monday they will add child number two. This next week will be a week of great celebration in our family!

Congratulations, Son #4!


  1. oh wow, congrats to your son on graduating and to your family for another grandkid! :)

  2. Congratulations, and I hope your seat belt is fastened for the week ahead! Our first son was born two days after his dad's graduation from grad school. Our second son delayed graduation for about six years, and had a son while in grad school. (Said son just arrived to pick up that offspring, who spent the past few days with me.) So I've already checked out all these bases, and know you'll all do fine.

    Above all, I'm wishing your d-i-l a safe and smooth delivery and speedy recovery.

  3. It's been fun watching him grow into adulthood, marry, start a family and now finally graduate!! I'm so glad I will be able to see him walk the stage. We are all excited here and can't wait of course for the graduation and for my new nephew to arrive...yipee!!

  4. Kara, you will have to take LOTS of pictures for us. It will be fun to watch him walk across the stage--even if it is on video this time.

  5. What a great guy your son must be! I would love to meet him!