Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Wedding Anniversary

Today is our 42nd wedding anniversary. And, here we are, 4 children and 6--almost 7--grandchildren later. It is a great feeling to celebrate all of these years that we have lived together, and to ponder all the events that have happened--births, moves, tears, laughter, happiness. All that rolled up into one thought--it has been a lovely life being married to this man for all those years. Here are some pictures of that wonderful day, 42 years ago

There we are at the rehearsal dinner. I am on the left with my dad behind me. Mother is beside me with my brother peeking over her head and my sister in the middle. My future mother-in law is beside my mother, and my future husband's brother and sister are to the left with my future husband on the end.

My future husband gave me a necklace--a pearl with two small diamonds on either side of it. I still have it and treasure it. And I gave him gold cuff links which he still has.

The bridesmaids are getting ready and I believe the woman on the chair is my mother pinning my veil on my head prior to the ceremony.

And here is a picture of the wedding party, after the wedding. Barbara, my roommate from college is on the far left, my husband's sister and my sister are next. My husband's friend, Lawrence, was best man (still is!), my husband's brother and another friend, Bob, are the three groomsmen.

The beginning of a new life together--42 years ago today! I am grateful for those years that we have shared.


  1. I believe this is the first time my picture has appeared in your blog! Quite a change in 42 years!
    But I'm glad to be acknowledged as STILL THE BEST MAN!


  2. I believe your picture appeared when it was your birthday...
    Yep! Lots of changes in those 42 years, huh?

  3. I love the pictures and am so sorry we missed wishing you a happy anniversary on your special day...I need to find the family calendar that is buried under my office, which I'm trying to clean! But we will celebrate these 42 years all year with you all year long:)

  4. Yes, we have lots to celebrate. Thanks!