Friday, October 17, 2008

Frugal Friday

In an attempt to be more frugal in the past saved my pocket change each day and put it into a jar at the end of the day. By the end of the month or when the jar was full, I added it up and deposited it into my bank account. It is amazing how much accumulates that way.

Another thing I have done is to write down everything I spend each day. Often, I will hesitate buying something just so I won't have to write it down. It is interesting at the end of the week to go over the list of things I have purchased and to note things that I REALLY did not have to buy. It helps with impulse buying.


  1. I think I'll start putting my pocket change in a jar, too. It all adds up!

  2. You must have the soul of an accountant. I'm doing well to stub checks and keep track of credit card receipts.

    However, back in 1973, when family funds were much tighter, I did exactly as you say and kept an immaculate log of every penny, for one month, down to a pack of shoelaces for one of the kids. I found that log not too long ago and was fascinated to see how little things cost back then. I scanned it to preserve and share, and future generations may be stunned at the prices and intrigued by some of the items on it.

    Maybe I should do it again as a comparison -- except I do little of the grocery shopping now. Maybe it could be a family project.

  3. I have a jar too that we put all our change in and it is amazing how fast it does add up! I've done that before too with writing down all I spend--a real eye opener!

  4. This reminds me of how I used to enjoy shopping for clothes and now I hate it because I always feel guilty buying anything new! But part of that is I'd much rather buy for my kids then myself anyway:) We sort of have a change jar through our bank...every purchase on our debit card is rounded up and the change is put into our savings!