Friday, May 1, 2009


I need to update my wardrobe and a couple of my pants are shiny on the bottom or wearing thin. I am planning my "frugal" approach to adding a few new items to my closet. I have shopped the sale racks in nearby department stores and have come away empty-handed. Things there either do not appeal to my tastes or are too expensive for me to consider. Since they say that our city has dozens of thrift, consignment, resale, vintage and secondhand stores with wonderful designer bargains, I think that I will check out some of these "bargain" stores and see what I can come up with.

The first rule that I will impose on my shopping spree is to put a set amount of cash in an envelope for my clothes shopping expedition. I learned that tactic from my daughter-in-law, Kara, who has envelopes of cash each month for food, entertainment, clothing, and so on. That way they know in their family how much money they have for each category and that helps them judge their purchases more carefully.

The next thing I will do is make a list of the items I need and stick to that list to avoid impulse buying.

Wish me luck on my frugal shopping adventure!


  1. Good luck on your adventure. Let us know how it turns out. Hope you're having an exciting and safe weekend.

  2. I hope you found something wonderful!
    Thank you Pat for praying for Curt and I as we try to figure out our future plans. MEans soooo much to me to know others are praying too.

  3. I hope you found some great deals!!