Wednesday, May 6, 2009


This past weekend, at the very last minute, we agreed to meet Son #1 and his family for a short day visit at my brother-in-laws place in the country. We had lunch together and then my daughter-in-law, eldest granddaughter and grandson headed for the mall to find tennis shoes and other necessities while Son #1, hubby and brother-in-law did their guy-thing which, in our family, usually includes raising the hood of a car and leaning in to see what makes the thing tick. Well, they probably have more technical terms for what they are doing, but to the female members of the family, that's what it looks like to us.

Here are a few pictures so that those of you who know our family can see how the grandchildren have grown.
A family portrait! It must have been the girls day to wear turquoise.
Granddaughter #1 is really growing up! She tells me she is going to summer school so she can graduate next year. I am really proud of her!
Grandson #1 is also growing up. I understand he just bought his first car. That was a surprise! But he has to figure out how to put it back together before he can drive it--AFTER he gets his driver's license. I think he would have preferred staying with the guys and looking under the hood of the car rather than going to the mall, but his mother thought it would be difficult to buy him shoes in absentia!
A final map consultation before we left. Our visit was short, but we had fun! I am always grateful for these times that we can spend together.

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