Sunday, November 1, 2009


This week has been a week of catch-up activities. We returned from Mother's burial in Amarillo on Monday and then I spent the week doing laundry, buying groceries, cleaning up the house and all those things I had not done the weeks that Mother was sick and after her death. It is amazing how many things I had neglected during those five weeks.
I promised to post some of the wonderful pictures from our family gatherings during the past several weeks.

A Pictorial Tribute to Mother

My Husband and Me with our 4 Wonderful Boys!

Our Crowded House - FUN! -Daughters-in Laws visiting with Sister-in-Law plus Kids!

Cousins Enjoying Each Other - on our back porch

Toys, Toys Everywhere! But the Daughters-in Law were quick to clean up--thanks, girls!!

A Beautiful Fall Day in Amarillo for Mother' Burial


  1. I enjoyed seeing all the pictures...I'm just sorry they were taken during a sad time for your family.

  2. What a wonderful pictures of such a loving family! I'm sure your Mom's spirit was in each one!

  3. Welcome home Pat. It is so nice to see how close and comforting your whole family is. Your mother would have been so proud of all of you :)

  4. I remember the house being crammed with cousins when I was young, though I never had as many as your family. Those were such special times. Thanks for sharing all those pictures with all of us, and blessings as you get your life back on track before the holidays blow in.