Sunday, June 1, 2008

Quirk #6 - Oil Painting

6. I am relearning how to oil paint and am having a grand time smearing paint on canvas, good shirts, shiny new easel and everything nearby--such fun! Maybe I need to revisit my finger painting days also!

I am really having a wonderful time relearning to oil paint. It has been a LONG time since I painted with oils--probably about 30 years and it has taken several months to be comfortable with the process once more. I have finished three paintings and messed up a couple more. On the easel is a poppy that I am beginning and a bluebonnet that is finished and ready to be varnished and framed. I have two more paintings in process.

My husband caught another picture of me painting out on our deck. I love to be out there in the fresh air and amongst all that green of the outdoors. However, it is becoming a bit warm some afternoons to paint out there.

Tomorrow is my class and I have to go load up my car with my painting supplies.

Write about the creative things that you do. Do you have creative urges? How do you honor those creative urges?


  1. The bluebonnet painting is very pretty. In junior high/high school I used to make Christmas cards and gifts for my friends and parents. One year I made homemade chocolates for everyone. Nowadays I think my creativity is only getting expressed when cooking since it seems like a practical way to try new foods and techniques.

  2. Cooking can be quite creative also. One of my sons and his whole family (kids included) are very creative with their cooking--even to the artistic presentation.