Thursday, June 5, 2008

Thankful Thursday

I am so thankful for the wonderful neighborhood that we live in today. We have lived here since we only had two children, added two more, watched them grow up and now have grandchildren come to visit. Some of our neighbors were here when we moved in and some are new--younger couples with young children of their own. It is nice to see children in the neighborhood again.

I am thankful for our neighborhood because of the close bond between the neighbors on our cul de sac. One of our neighbors was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and everyone has rallied around her in such a wonderful way. We have all visited back and forth with her and last Sunday afternoon one of the neighbors called to say she was having an outdoor cookout and invited us to come. Each of us brought a dish, the host grilled chicken and sausages and made homemade ice cream and we all sat around and supported our neighbor who is soon heading off to M.D. Anderson for evaluation and treatment. Here are some pictures of the fun we shared in the
"hood" that evening.
We visited, added support and visited some more.

The children played games on the Wii and in the pool. And we all ate and visited some more.

And we had one last picture of the "women of the 'hood' " before everyone left. It was a fun evening and wonderful support for a member of the neighborhood who needs that caring kind of support at this time!


  1. This is so neat that you all did this. She'll be in good hands at MD Anderson. When we were there the other day I was reminded of how wonderful the people there are...lots of love in a place where it is needed most:)

  2. Yes, they feel confident that is the place for them. Petr had a great experience there several years ago, so they immediately got in touch with his doctor and his doctor handled it from there. Hopefully, she will sail through with flying colors!