Monday, July 7, 2008

Back Home Again

We are home again after spending the 4th of July weekend with Son #3 . We had a wonderful time visiting, soaking up sunshine while lolling about in his wonderful, heated pool, eating and resting up. It was great! Son #2 and family joined us on Saturday and the grandchildren also enjoyed the pool and Nero, the very loving Lab, who adores Son #3.

There's Nero asking Son #3 for permission to get in and swim with the rest of the family--

We were enjoying the pool--and Nero got in to retrieve a Frisbee.

Daughter-in-law, Kara, having a serious conversation with Nero--

Soph, our "Dog Whisperer" grandchild, relaxed Nero after our swim--

Son #3 taking a picture of Little One and Nero having a conversation at the edge of the pool. Little One loved Nero and the feeling seemed to be mutual.

What? No pictures of us eating? How unusual! But we had a great time. Thanks, Son #3, for having us all at your place!


  1. Finally, we have our internet back!! What fun we had and the girls can't wait to go back:)

  2. I miss the moderate temperatures we enjoyed there! It is hotter than heck here! And we had a great time!