Tuesday, April 21, 2009


This past weekend Son #3 and his pal, Nero, came for a visit. I bought Nero a new toy and he is investigating it just after they arrived.
Nero also liked to stand at our back door watching for squirrels to chase. He really put the fear into them when he was here, getting lots of exercise in our back yard. However, the squirrels quickly recovered as soon as Nero left. Sigh!
We had yet another birthday celebration for Mother while Son #3 was here. She was delighted with the unusual present he brought her that contained a bit of her family history. A hint? It was from a distillery in Kentucky that contains her maiden name. I think they were distant cousins of my mother's family. I do believe that was the most unusual present she received this year!

But, alas, Son #3 and his pal, Nero, had to return home and to work. We really enjoyed having him here, though! Hurry back--and I have to admit that my husband kept offering to adopt Nero, all to no avail!


  1. He's the son with the dog I love! You always seem to have company:) I love that.

  2. Looks like fun! My great uncles both were engineers at distilleries and I remember talking to them about Great-Gram's family and they asked if she was related to the ones at that distillery. They had all sorts of stories. What a really neat gift!!

  3. Nero's so cute! If I ever got a dog I would want one that looks like him.

  4. And Nero is so sweet. I love the way he looks at me and turns his first one way and then another trying to figure out what I am saying. Then he wrinkles his brow and nuzzles me. He doesn’t bark at all, but is very active. Our own dog is getting old and is not active at all any more. She is a border collie and has been a marvelous dog, but, alas, they do get old!