Wednesday, May 27, 2009


We have had an intruder in our backyard. About three years ago a neighbor began getting bamboo along his back fence. He said he did not know where it came from but he thought it would be easy to control and told us not to worry about it invading our backyard. Up until late last summer he was right, but last summer we found a shoot that appeared near the fence ON OUR SIDE. My husband sprayed it with Roundup and hoped that would be a quick way to take care of the bamboo. A couple of days ago he called me to look near our fence where lots of little bamboo shoots were poking up. The Roundup had not taken care of the problem.

My husband decided to dig up the roots below the shoots and the pictures below show the full story of that first little shoot that became a BIG stalk with LOTS of little shoots following along behind it.
Our six-foot friend is holding the underground shoot that my husband dug up after it crept under our fence. Each of those little root junctures had a shoot ready to pop through the soil.

We have decided that bamboo is REALLY INVASIVE. Does anyone have a clue about how to control it?


  1. I wish I did--you would think Roundup would work.

  2. Good luck in your search for a way of controlling this.

    Perhaps that hidden root full of invasive and yard changing potential can serve as a metaphor for something you want to write about...

  3. That's an idea!! Gee! Thanks! Wonder where one acquires a Panda Bear??