Tuesday, June 2, 2009


In the past couple of years I have learned to blog, to join Facebook, to burn DVDs, to program my picture key chain, and master my self-publishing project. Lately I have been feeling right proud of myself and all my technological accomplishments. However, today I got a message that requires me to join Twitter and a request to put a bit of a video on my blog. Those two requests were just about the straws that broke my techie camel's back!

All of these advances in technology are marvelous and I really am excited when I master them, but the learning curve for me is often quite a stretch. I grind my teeth, make attempts by myself, and when all else fails I call one or more of my sons who know far more than I will EVER learn. They certainly did not inherit their technological skills from me, but I am really grateful that they are willing to share their expertise with me. And they do it so nicely. Thank you, boys!

Anyhow! When I have a block of time, I will figure out how to join Twitter and I will hopefully learn how to put a bit of video on my blog. Meanwhile, I continue being proud of the techie skills I have acquired so far as I prepare to post this message to my blog.


  1. You sound so much like me! I haven't joined Twitter cause it is one more thing I don't need yet! And doing a video on a blog? Not sure how to do it but would like to know in case I ever have one to put on!

  2. Pat, I have been trying to get on your blog recently. I have a very old computer. Hopefully a new one is in the works. Your techno problems are so familiar. I am even less "gifted" than that. I have two sons and a few friends who help me. They are busy, so often, I learn by hard knocks. You encourage me. I will keep trying. Thanks for being so honest.

  3. I would so love to know what I'm doing on the computer, but so often I haven't a clue. We even bought a video making program, but so far we haven't mastered making it small enough to download to my blog. I'm sure it should be simple, ha!