Friday, August 7, 2009


This morning I heard a news story about a woman they call the Coupon Queen. It seems that she went to the grocery store and bought $220 worth of groceries but only paid $20 for all that she took home. THAT is really making use of coupons.

She suggests that one should first clip newspaper and magazine coupons. She also suggest going online to find coupons that can be printed out. Next she reads the grocery store flier and notes items that are on sale. An example she used was for a particular brand of frozen vegetables that were marked down one dollar--to $1.99. She had a coupon for $1 off on that brand of vegetables, so they only cost her 1/3 the usual cost. She said that her usual savings run 50 to 60% each week.

I clip newspaper coupons and also read the sales at the grocery store to obtain the best possible prices for the things that I buy. When I go shopping and use my coupons I usually save about $5 to $6 each week. I am always very proud of myself for that bit of frugality. I do not match the Coupon Queen's shopping skills and am thinking that I might need to pay more attention to online coupons. For me it is just a matter of time--how much computer time do I want to use searching for those coupons??

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