Tuesday, August 25, 2009


The blog, Little House in the Suburbs has a wonderful list of 5 ways to simplify your calendar. I have been struggling with ways to cut back on the amount of things I schedule each day and she has provided me with some marvelous ways to clean up and clean out my calendar.

As September rolls around it seems like the activity level picks up even though my children are grown and gone. Groups begin meeting again, new things pop up, new classes and opportunities arise and I am always tempted to say "why not!" The suggestions for simplifying my calendar just might cure me of overload--a thing I am very guilty of many times. By the end of some days I feel like I started the day on a treadmill and just stayed there until bedtime. Maybe I can be reformed???


  1. I applied one of these today and it worked!! I did not have my calendar so I declined to commit to something and when I got home, I called and said that I already had a conflict on that day! Whee!

  2. Girlfriend, I do relate! I find that I'm more organized if I invest fifteen or twenty minutes early in the day with my journal. That tends to center me and give more focus and energy to the day. It works much like meditation for me.

  3. Oh my word! If Only I had that problem! I am most days so bored I pray to be busy:))