Friday, August 14, 2009


Today I picked up the newspaper and saw the ads geared toward the end-of-summer sales, the back-to-school sales and just general all-around sales. Some of the sales offered 85% off sale merchandise and an extra 20% off just today. With math being my weak spot, I was wondering if that meant I would get paid 5% for taking the item out of the store. My math-minded husband explained to me that they took 85% off the item and then 20% off of the remaining price. Sounded good to me!

Next, I went to my already crowded closet and wondered what I really needed--maybe a new top for the last few weeks of summer?? Or a new pair of pants?? Maybe I could find something really wonderful, but as I thought of all those long racks crowded with clothes that are put on sale this time of year, my enthusiasm waned. I really dislike pawing through racks and racks of discounted items on the slight chance that I might find the buy of the year. I also dislike being elbowed by diligent sale-shoppers pulling things from the racks, standing in line to try my choices on, and waiting in another line to pay for my bargain.

This evening I have no new clothes in my closet, but I did have a delightful afternoon to paint and enjoy the peace and solitude of my own home. To me that was a real bargain!


  1. Plus you still have that $10-20-whatever in your wallet or bank account! Sometimes I tell myself, even though things are on sale, if I don't need it then I'm not really gaining anything by buying what I don't need.

  2. Sounds like you got the best bargain of all:)) I used to shop that way whenever there was a really good sale. I liked the experience but now that I can't anymore, I really don't miss it and find that all the clothes I did buy once are lasting for now:)
    I saved over $20 in the grocery store yesterday with a ton of coupons I have been clipping and that felt great!

  3. Yes, I still have the money in my pocket and I used the time to better advantage--painting, which I love!!

  4. Good for you! Stuff won't feed the soul, no matter how great the discount you may get....but painting is another story :)