Sunday, August 9, 2009


Thanks to all who offered suggestions to my travel computer dilemma. Evidently my plea was heard because last week one of my sweet sons arrived on our doorstep with a new Dell Inspiron Mini--a wonderful surprise! I believe my husband was behind the hinting, but I was excited
and surprised.
The little computer is so cute and easy to use. It has a nice-sized keyboard and only weighs 2.4 pounds! Just my size for traveling and I (or my husband) won't yank our arms out of the socket lugging it through the airport. I am excited!! Now I need a trip to test it out!


  1. Neat, I'm so glad you got a new laptop. I'm about to set my old one up downstairs in our school room. Hopefully, later in the fall we'll be getting a new one, but until then this will work.

    Oh, and that is hilarious about your church friend...she never gets a break does she?!!! That may be me in a few months:)

  2. Come to Northern California!