Friday, January 25, 2008

The Birthday Boy...

Yesterday was the Birthday Boy's real birthday, so we invited him over for dinner. He accepted the invitation and we had a cake for him with real candles to blow out! I believe that was his third cake of the day. Lots of other people remembered that it was his real birthday also!

Last summer one of my daughters-in-law told me that in her family they don't have a Birth-DAY, but they have a Birth-WEEK and I have been hearing that more and more from other people. I guess our Birthday Boy believes in that also because he has been celebrating for almost a week now!

Way to go--blow those candles out! That's the way to celebrate! Let's eat!


  1. Indeed! Birthday Boy has had a great week...maybe the best Birthday Week ever...thanks to his friends and family. Could be this birthday celebration could go on the rest of the YEAR!

  2. Wish I was there for some yummy cake:) I tagged you today...go to my blog to find out about it!!