Thursday, January 10, 2008

Thankful Thursday...

For about six years my mother has lived in a wonderful retirement center about five minutes from my house. She loves it there and I am so thankful that she is close by and happy with her life at 92. The past couple of years we have had to deal with a number of medical problems and one cropped up the past week that really worried me. I stewed about it for several days and finally went to the director of the assisted living for advice. I got some tough but good advice. Yesterday was the day that we were to institute a new program to help Mother, but it was my job to talk to her about it first. I accomplished my task and then left Mother in the hands of the assisted living staff. I walked out of the facility with an immense sense of gratitude that I had wonderful help in dealing with these problems and did not have to do it all alone. Thank you, thank you to all the wonderful and caring people who work at Mother's assisted living facility.

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  1. Hope Great-Gram is doing well! It's nice to have a place you can trust:)