Saturday, February 16, 2008

A Quick Visit

We just returned from a quick visit to son #4 and his family. We had a great time and I wanted to share some pictures. This first picture, on the right, is of Ella opening a Valentine present from Grandmommy.

The next picture, on the left, is of Ella and her dad on their back patio on a warm February evening with just a few sprinkles. Ella is wearing her "Big Sister" shirt.

This third picture, on the right, is one of Ella listening to her mother read one of the new books that Granddaddy bought for her at Hastings. Ella LOVES books!

This next picture, above, is one of Ella sitting in a "big girl chair" at the restaurant for lunch. She sat there for the whole meal and was so good!

And this last picture, on the left, is one of Ella with her dad and granddad just before we had to leave and return home.


  1. Ohh,I miss my little niece! She looks a lot like April in that third picture. And I love Lauren's hair short. Thanks for posting these;)

  2. Yes, we all thought that she looked like April in that picture. Glad you saw it too. And Lauren's hair was just beautiful--nice and bouncy!

  3. Response to #2 son: #3 son forgot it was Valentine's Day! No one to leave surprises for!