Thursday, February 7, 2008

Thankful Thursday

I am thankful for the wildlife that frequent our property, even though we live in a well populated part of town. Many people dislike the deer because they eat much of the vegitation--even that on the "deer will not eat" list. However, we love the deer who come to visit and we have named several who have such distinctive personalities. We call the boss lady of this herd Bossy Mama because she keeps everyone in line. You can see her with one of her little ones in the picture to the right.

One of her little bucks entertained me last summer after I had surgery by coming to the bedroom window and looking in. We call him Bush Buck because he loves to get between the bushes and the house to gaze in the window.

To the right is a fellow who has a marvelous rack of horns. I hope a hunter does not set his sights on our friend who came begging for food one afternoon last week.

The grandchildren love to help their granddad feed and call the deer when they come to visit.

And then we had an armadillo that dug into the soft, damp earth by our pond--under our banana trees. Our dog had been barking like crazy for several days and was digging up the whole flower bed. We could not figure out what was going on until my husband decided to see what she was digging for. With a little help from Daisy, he came up with this very terrified armadillo which we quickly deposited in a neighbor's yard, safe from Daisy.

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