Friday, April 17, 2009


Last week I missed my Frugal Friday post due to company, but today I would like to share a comment from a friend, Kathy, who has some great money-saving ideas:

She says, "I love reading your blog and I have some solutions for your gift buying. Right now there is a fantastic sale on girls' clothes at J.C. Penney. Not much for boys, alas. I buy a lot of presents there. My other favorites are TJ Maxx, Ross and Marshalls. They have kids' toys and books for a fraction of full price. You have to check that they work and all pieces are present but they are usually good deals.

I never go to the toy stores. That would be way out of my league, especially when I buy for my grandchildren and the CASA kids I work with. If you plan a year ahead, you can get $40 little girl dresses for less than $10 at both Dillard's (best), Macys (OK) and Penneys (depends). So do your shopping a year ahead at the end of the seasons. In about 2 weeks, I predict the Easter dresses will be reasonable. For me, less than 75% off is not a sale, but a trap."

I agree with Kathy and went Easter shopping yesterday. At CVS I found two grocery baskets of Easter things marked 75% off. I bought several Easter egg-shaped note pads for next year's Easter baskets along with Easter grass, a couple of little stuffed bunnies and my bill was $1.63. The Easter grass was 20 cents a bag! That was quite a savings considering what it would have cost the day before Easter. I packed those things up in my Easter box to have next year when I begin preparing for Easter baskets here or gifts that I send to my grandchildren for Easter.

I also stopped in at Michael's (same shopping center as CVS) but their Easter sale was only 50% off and that was not quite low enough yet. By next week it will be 90% off and that will be more appealing to me.

Happy after-Easter shopping!


  1. Always love to hear about sales and savings ideas! Thanks!

  2. I tried looking for Cadbury Cream Eggs after Easter but couldn't find any. :(

  3. No Cadbury Eggs here either! Bummer! My favorite next to those peeps marshmallow rabbits.

  4. Great post! I wanted to get Easter stuff for next year and never thought about getting it now. I think I might need to visit Michaels this week:)) Thank you!

  5. I love after holiday sales!! I got a cute felt "Easter" basket at Sam's today for 2.81 and Soph and I will be filling it to give as an end of the year teacher gift. They had some really cute candy stuffed eggs, but I don't think year old candy sounds appealing, but if they get reduced a little more I will buy them for the cute plastic egss:) And Dillard's does have really good sales on really nice dresses if you hit it just right!!

  6. I keep seasonal boxes on shelves in my garage and put things like that in them—well marked. It is so much fun to get the seasonal boxes out about a month before the holiday and see all those things I bought the year before and had totally forgotten about!