Friday, July 3, 2009


My sweet husband took me out for lunch today for my birthday and we each ordered an appetizer. He got crab cakes and I got Ahi Tuna. Both came with salad and were ample for a meal. We tend to eat lighter at lunchtime anyway, so it was very satisfying, not to mention the fact that both were delicious!

Recently I have found that appetizers are quite filling and are much less expensive than entrees, so I often order the appetizer for my meal with, perhaps, a small dinner salad. This works especially well when we go to an expensive restaurant. After the meal I don't leave the restaurant feeling stuffed either.

Perhaps you might want to share some Frugal Hints for eating out.


  1. Interesting lately I've noticed that a lot more appetizers look tastier than the entrees themselves!

    Happy 4th of July Pat!

  2. That is a great idea...I absolutely HATE leaving a restaurant feeling so full and bloated. I hope I remember this the next time I go out to eat. And...a belated Happy Birthday to you.

  3. I always get the sides and don't order the meat:) Just veggies and it is so cheap.