Friday, July 10, 2009


Traveling frugally. We went on a wonderful trip that did not cost us too much money except for transportation because we stayed with and were fed by great friends and relatives both in Chaco Canyon and in and near Albuquerque. I am enjoying the pool with my brother:
Below we were touring a ruin in Chaco Canyon with our host, Joe, who treated us to some exceptional experiences and wonderful food!
Waving good-bye to our friends near Albuquerque after a wonderful visit and a sample of her gourmet cooking:
We went to very few stores where we could buy things on this trip. I did buy a tote bag in the Chaco Canyon book store, plus one book. I also bought a couple of cute handmade gifts in the Cuba, NM Visitor's Center while we were there--helping out the local economy. We also ate at El Bruno's on the recommendation of our friend, Joe--Yum!

Actually, the things I bought in Cuba were nice to put up for Christmas giving but also as ideas for making gifts for Christmas. The first item was a beautiful recipe book made "scrapbook style" with local recipes inserted in the pages.
The second was a cute Indian girl angel Christmas ornament made from a dried yucca blossom pod. Hope Kara and my granddaughters can find some of the dried yucca pods and save them for me. When I come up there I will bring supplies and we can make some of these for Christmas ornaments!

All in all we had a wonderful trip and came home with lovely pictures and, best of all, lasting memories!


  1. We will start collecting the Yucca pods. I knew they would come in handy with some project!!

  2. I love your pictures:) I've never been there and have always wanted to. Glad you got away and it didn't cost a fortune!

  3. I'm glad you had such a nice time. What a nice idea to make a cookbook in a scrapbook style and the little angel is adorable. Be sure to show us photos of any that you make, okay?

  4. I'm with you; traveling is just about as fun as it gets! Be it a day trip or major trek, I'm all about the seeing & experiencing.

    You will have many joys & memories to savor in the years to come. Collectibles make it even easier to re-live!

    Be blessed,

  5. Yes, we do have great memories!