Monday, July 20, 2009


I was reading my daughter-in-law, Kara's blog this a.m. and thought about how important fitness is in our family. My husband and I attempt to keep our bodies in shape to accommodate the aging process. We both exercise five mornings a week. He goes at 5:30 when the gym opens and I get up at that time, but spend some time journaling and eating a bit of breakfast. I go in at 6:30 and work out for an hour. On Wednesdays we go to a yoga class that is designed more for seniors and has restorative elements to it with lots of stretching that is so important as we age.
We believe that by exercising and staying in shape we are able to do many of the things we enjoy, like hiking in New Mexico with friends. The picture below shows my husband and me on a slope we climbed to see a petroglyph. I was using some REI walking sticks that our friends loaned me. They really helped on steep slopes and gave my arms and shoulders a great workout!

We also try to eat appropriately, avoiding fatty foods, eating plenty of fruits and vegetables--especially now that it is summer and so much is available locally. Yum! We also eat very little in the way of sweets, although I find it very hard to resist anything chocolate. I have limited myself to 3 chocolate chips each evening as a reward if I have been good!

Despite all my efforts I gained 10 pounds this past year. The 10 pound point on the scale is my benchmark to return to Weight Watchers. About 15 years ago I had gained 10 pounds that I could not lose, decided to try Weight Watchers and it worked wonderfully well! I find that when I write down what I eat, I realize how much "unconscious eating" I do. It is so easy to be talking on the phone and stop by the pantry and grab a handful of nuts or some chocolate chips (my downfall!!). When I have to write things down, it is a different story! I resist the urge to "graze" in the kitchen because I don't want to have to write it down and subtract those points from my daily allowance. It is a subtle psychology that really works for me! Sometimes I can do it without going to the Weight Watchers meetings, but this year nothing seemed to be working for me, so I returned to meetings. They also give marvelous strategies for keeping the weight off. I was about ready for some new strategies anyway because nothing seemed to work for me.

And so, congratulations to #2 Son, "WB" on staying healthy (we didn't name him that! See Kara's blog to find out how he got that nickname) ! We are trying to follow your example--or is it the other way around??


  1. I think it is wonderful that you all work out everyday. I think that is one thing my mom has really enjoyed since retiring, she now has time to go to the gym, my Dad too!
    A food journel would keep me from eating certain foods for sure. WB does something online where he puts in everythng he has had for the day and the calories etc are calculated and he can keep track of things. This works well when he is trying to lose weight, or for now when he is trying to bulk up. It's all about accountability I think:)

  2. Yes, accountability is the thing. And it really gripes me to have to PAY WW for the sessions, but it does keep me faithful while I am going. It has worked every time! But eventually I fall off the wagon and have to start all over again.

  3. This morning I woke up feeling so achy--sat around too much in the past few days so I put on my sneakers and got on the treadmill. When I saw that you climbed that mountain, it makes me think I could do it if I would take better care of my body.
    We eat really healthy but I don't move as much as I should. Starting today, I am:)

  4. Weight Watchers is a good organizaation. I know you can get to your goal and you might receive a lovely ribbon for losing 10 pounds. I did. Now it's a bookmark.
    I hope you enjoyed the petroglyphs. We saw some amazing ones when we were in Arizona.

  5. You and Chris are my idols. I hope to be still moving at that age and will always remember you guys and your dedication to being at the gym everyday. :)