Sunday, July 12, 2009


I have two groups of photographs that I need to put somewhere so that friends can look at them. One group of photographs is from our trip to Chaco Canyon and another group is from a party that we attended as a farewell to good friends and I want to share them with other party-goers.

I went to Flickr and looked at their website and then I went to Snapfish and looked at what they had to offer. Both seem similar but different. Today my nephew was here and I mentioned it to him and he suggested another online company--I have already forgotten the name (overload, maybe??).
Photo by Jerry
Choices, choices. Do any of you have suggestions for downloading photographs to sites where family and friends can view them?? I think I am about ready to tackle another new technological task--gulp! :)


  1. My daughter uses the Kodak site and I have too:)

  2. Sorry I can't help as I've never done this myself. I'll be interested to see what other things folks mention to you, though.