Sunday, July 5, 2009


I continue to enjoy oil painting. This coming week I will begin a new series of landscape painting lessons. The instructor's literature says that she promises to teach me how to really paint an oak tree. That should be fun since the picture I chose to paint is a desert scene from our trip to New Mexico. Anyway I am looking forward to learning a new technique in the way of oil painting.
In the past few months I have been working on my first portrait which still needs a few finishing touches. I am not ready to photograph it yet, but I did finish my water lily. See the picture below.
I also finished a picture of the misty Oregon coast which makes me cool just to look at it.

And today I added a few finishing touches to a still life of some pots that my brother has in his kitchen. See the picture below.

Recently I have been working on a desert cactus that I saw blooming in New Mexico. I guess that is appropriate since we are hot and dry as a desert here now. The temperature was 105 today and temperatures have broken a record every day of July--so far. The weatherman promised it might be cooler tomorrow--only 96! I can only hope!


  1. I so admire artistic gifting. I remember my own foray into painting (long, long ago). I think I ultimately used my works to decorate the garage, or was it the tool shed?

    It took me some years to get accustomed to the SW temps. I've grown to love them, mostly because my arthritis is less annoying when my body's warm (and dry).

    Stay cool,

  2. painting "career" went about the same way as Sassy Granny's. LOL YOU, however, are extremely talented.


    I guess I'd be staring at that "cool" one every day if I could. It is hotter'n a firecracker these days!

  4. What a wonderful artist you are. Your water lily is exquisite. It must be such a blessing to have great talent like that. I know it takes hard work, too, but you indeed have the gift.
    I hope you enjoy the "cool spell."

  5. Love your new pictures! Maybe you could organize an art class for a couple of homeschoolers I know:)

  6. Yes, I would love to organize painting classes for the girls!