Friday, July 17, 2009


This week I have been working at saving electricity. I have heard tales about how the cost of electricity is about to go up, plus we are using plenty of electricity with our a/c going much more this summer than in the past. That has spurred me to think of ways to save electricity. Plus, the newspaper says that the last thirty days were the hottest ever recorded since records have been kept around here.

We keep all lights off unless we just have to have them on--this also eliminates another heat source in the house. In the evening we often go outside to water by hand and work in the yard (what's left of it!), so we turn all lights off. When we come in we only turn on lights in the rooms we are using. As I mentioned several weeks ago, I hang my clothes outside to dry (faster than my dryer in 105 degree temperature!). I wash dishes by hand unless we have company, I have unplugged all unnecessary appliances around the house, and I have turned the a/c thermostat up a couple of degrees.

Hopefully our electricity bill will reflect my more frugal habits and help balance the a/c usage. We are praying for a few cooler days and some blessed rain!!


  1. I try to do that too... I even tried to turn my AC off during the day but when its 100+ degrees outside the apartment is way too warm when I get home!

  2. Boy, could I ever stand to reduce my electric bill! I'm not sure how to make much of an impact with our current 115 degree temps, but I could make small changes.

    Now you've got me thinking ...

    Thank you. Be blessed,

  3. We're experiencing the same dilemna in central FL where our heat indexes are reaching 100's and the humidity is high. Lots of cold drinks and fans instead of lowering the thermostat for more a/c.

  4. Looks like several of you are thinking along the lines of conserving electricity during this long, hot summer--if you happen to be living somewhere in the southwest where it IS SO HOT!

  5. Well, I guess we're doing our part by not fixing our upstairs AC! We're also trying not to turn on the oven as much, which cuts electricity and keeps it cooler inside without turning down the AC:)