Thursday, February 14, 2008

Thankful Thursday

The first thing I was thankful for today, Valentine's Day, was my brother, Joe. It is his ??th Birthday. I remembered back to the very snowy day in the Texas Panhandle when I was almost seven and Daddy came home to tell my sister and me that we had a new baby brother. In those days we didn't know the gender until the child made an appearance! I was so excited to have a brother who would not be interested in my dolls and girl toys--my sister was showing a healthy two-year-old interest in those things and I was often irritated with her! Joe was a good baby and we enjoyed having him around. Unfortunately, I left home for college by the time he was in junior high and I missed knowing him during those growing up years, but we have reconnected over the years and become the best of friends. We share similar interests in things like art and coin collecting and family matters.

I am also grateful that my brother and sister support me in so many ways. In the past few years they have been great in helping me deal with Mother's affairs and they are both great to bounce things off of when I need advice or a soft shoulder to cry on (over the telephone!). Actually I am very thankful, too, for my Mother who was celebrating Valentine's Day at the Summit today with a full schedule of things going on. She was getting ready to go out for a noonday concert at a nearby church and then back for a Valentine's Day party this afternoon. She was supposed to get a haircut and perm today so I don't know when they will work that into her busy schedule, but she said she was "booked up" for the day--and seemed delighted to have so many things going on. Here is a picture that I took of her, all dolled up and ready to celebrate the day. I took her the balloon, someone else gave her a heart-shaped box of chocolates and Joe sent the pretty flowers in a lovely vase. I know she was enjoying all that attention!

And the last, and MOST IMPORTANT thing I am thankful for today is my wonderful husband! He is so great with surprises. While I was out exercising and visiting Mother, he went out and bought beautiful red roses so that when I came home they were on the table with a card and a small box for a surprise! Later, he tells me, we have a "date" to go out and eat, so I need to get out my prettiest red sweater and be all "dolled up" and ready when dinner time rolls around!


  1. You and your husband are an inspiration to us "youngsters"!

  2. Thanks! My husband is really pretty special! And it is so nice to celebrate that specialness on a day like Valentine's day.

  3. Sounds like a wonderful day! The girls and I woke up to our annual Valentine surprise that your son leaves for us before going to work! Must get it from Dad:)

  4. Thanks, Kara. I am glad the boys learned something from us. From what I hear the other boys left surprises for their families also!

  5. So who did the thrid son leave surprises for?

    -2nd Son