Saturday, February 9, 2008

Visitors This Weekend

My sister and her daughter-in-law came to visit with the children this weekend. The children had fun helping my husband put out feed for the deer and playing in our back yard with Daisy. We did not actually see the deer at our house, but walked down the cul de sac and saw them in the woods.

Today was a beautiful springlike day--just too pretty to stay inside! Our trees will be bursting into bloom soon if they can bloom without any moisture since we have not had any real measurable rain around here since last summer.

We really enjoyed our visit and hated to put the children in the car for their ride home.


  1. Thanks. We enjoyed being with them—especially with the big back yard to run in. Zander was just itching to get into the pond and catch a fish or two! Aspen would have gladly joined him.

    Check out the blog at Sharon Lippincott, the blogger, was on the blog panel with me and was quite knowledgeable about life story writing—and blogging—and computers. I love her blog and her writing prompts at the end of each entry! Good food for thought!

  2. I tagged you. I'm sorry I never responded to your tag. I had done that one before.

  3. I believe you had a few things on your plate about that time.