Monday, May 19, 2008

More on Junk Mail

I still have a thing about Junk Mail! We were gone for three days this past week and the neighbors gathered our mail for us. We had a pile of mail and all but four letters/bills went into our trash or recycling.

I still think Junk Mail is a shameful waste of manpower, paper, postage, increased cost of items, and additions to our landfills. Yesterday I found another recommendation to curb the catalogs that come to our house. I went to and checked many of the catalogs that come, unsolicited, to our house. One response from a major business in our area came back marked "denied." The explanation is that this company has refused to be involved in the opt-out process. Guess that means I will still get their expensive mailings which will go into my recycling.

I do hope that the catalog delivery to my house will diminish if businesses opt to honor my wish not to receive their mail!

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