Thursday, May 29, 2008

Thankful Thursday

Last night we had a wonderful treat. About 6:00 p.m. we looked out our living room window and Bossy Mama (the leader of our deer herd) was out front parading her new, tiny, delightful twin fawns in front of our window. She was obviously showing them off for us as she walked back and forth in front of the window. I took a number of pictures through the glass, but when I tried to go outside and take pictures up a bit closer, the babies got skittish and began to leave.

Bossy Mama had her babies about a month ago and we knew she would keep them in some protected place for several weeks before she brought them out for the public to see. It was so wonderful to see the two perfect little things with their tiny, delicate faces, vivid white spots and twig-thin legs. It was also wonderful that Bossy Mama brought them down the street for us to see them. Thank you, Bossy Mama, for showing your babies to us!


  1. I was privileged to see Bossy Mama's petite little fawns in your front yard. What a delight! You should feel honored that Bossy Mama places such implicit trust in you. I think it shows what a fine rapport you have with nature's creatures.

  2. Yes, we do seem to have rapport with these creatures who seem to have accepted us into their lives.