Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Owlet Report

Our across-the-street neighbors are out of town this week so I visited their backyard today to check on the owlet that kept falling out of the owl house last week. When I entered the backyard I saw him (or her?) sitting on the porch of the owl house. Last week his eyes were closed or only open halfway, but today his eyes were wide open. Maybe it was because it was very cloudy or maybe he was just curious about what I was doing. In any case, he seemed to be looking at me no matter where I stood in the yard.

I got several more great pictures! He even leaned down to look at me when I stood directly beneath the owl house. He is so cute!

Next I came home and went into my living room and found this little buck looking in my window. Last summer we named the one who got in between the bushes and the house to look in our bedroom window Bush Buck. I guess this is Bush Buck, Jr!

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