Friday, November 21, 2008

Frugal Friday

Today I realized that I was much farther along in my Christmas preparations than I usually am this time of year. How unusual! I was wondering how that happened and I have to credit my family for that! Late last summer we began talking--my daughters-in-law and I, about how we were going to cut back on our Christmas giving, spend a specific amount for each person (my goal has been about $10 per gift) and make gifts, if possible. My daughter-in-law, Kara, tells on her blog about some of the gifts she and her girls are making for the holidays. That has worked out really well for me since I have found some really neat things to make for the grandchildren and for my daughters-in-law. I wish I could tell you about them, but I am afraid they will read the blog and the Christmas surprise will be gone.

Along the frugal line, a friend asked me this week for the recipe for a great candy that I made last holiday season. I took a cup of dried cranberries, a cup of walnuts (chopped) and put them in a bowl. I melted a bag of chocolate chips (bought on sale and stored in my freezer)in the microwave and poured them over the cranberries and walnuts and stirred. I then dropped the mixture by the teaspoonful on waxed paper and let them cool. They make the best little chocolate bites and are SO EASY! Nice for the holidays to EAT or to GIVE!


  1. The candy sounds incredible. I like EASY recipes.

  2. The candy idea is great...and I must say I feel much less stress this year with the gift giving:)

  3. ooh that sounds good! i might make those over break at home!