Sunday, November 23, 2008


My book is ready to order from the link on the right sidebar. My copy just came in yesterday and I am so pleased with it. It is GORGEOUS! did a marvelous job with it and my copy came almost exactly one week—to the hour—after I pushed the button to submit it. I am so excited to have it in hand before Christmas. And I have ordered copies for gift-giving at Christmas, but, shhhh! That is a secret--don't tell my family members!

Now I am thinking of a couple of other books that I would like to submit. I LOVE the part about it not costing me anything up front—except for the books I order for myself. This is great! My husband did moan when I said I could see several more books-in-the-making because he helps me with the editing. Oh well, perhaps NOT before Christmas.


  1. Congratulations, Pat! I've ordered a copy of your book as well and am looking forward to receiving it. What a great accomplishment for you!

  2. This is wonderful to hear! I'll buy one soon. Congratulations!!!

  3. I'm so glad you are happy with it! I've seen books done by LULU and they do a great job!