Tuesday, January 13, 2009


This morning I went on my morning walk all bundled up for the cold weather here in New Mexico. It was about 23 degrees, but there was not a bit of wind blowing. I quickly shed the hood of my windbreaker but kept my knit hat on and I still needed my gloves.

I enjoyed the crisp, clean air with not a sign of smog anywhere in the valley. My view of the mountains was unobstructed as I climbed to a higher point in the area where my brother and his wife live. I took several pictures and tried to frame the mountains being touched by the early morning sun between skeleton trees sticking their white branches up into the air. I am SO ready to try out the new brushes that I got for Christmas and paint a mountain picture with these beautiful almost-turquoise skies!!

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  1. 23F sounds like the tropics to me! I actually went to the gym this morning to swim early and I think it was below 0. Even when I left just before 9am it was barely above and my wet hair froze instantly!