Friday, January 16, 2009


I have noticed that there is much talk on television, in the newspapers and in magazines about ways to save money. It feels like we are truly in a down time financially. Advertisements tell about the good bargains to be found, but my suggestion for today is to stay out of stores whenever possible. The lure of bargains seems to instill in me the need to spend money instead of saving it. At this point I think it is important for me to seriously evaluate each and every purchase that I make and decide whether it is really a need or just something that I want but could easily do without.


  1. Pat--that's the best way to save! Stay away from those stores!!

  2. You're absolutely right Pat. Stay out of the stores, appreciate what you have, and spend the time doing something with loved ones. This seems to be a return to simpler times for many people. I think it's a good thing in many ways.