Monday, January 12, 2009


When I planned to come to New Mexico I wanted to see some snow. We have very little snow where I live, but I love to see it. The weather has been beautiful the week I have been here, with cool sunny days and cold nights. However, last Friday night it snowed up in the mountains. We saw the clouds hovering low over the mountains when we got up Saturday morning.

About mid-morning my brother loaded us up in his truck and we took off for the mountains. We went to a lovely restaurant for lunch and had to step over a few snow piles to get inside. It was much colder there than in the valley, but it was lovely with snow dusting the cedar trees, the fences, and the ledges of the buildings. I was so excited! It was wonderful!

The other good news is that my sister-in-law, who had a kidney transplant just before Thanksgiving, is feeling better each day! Way to go! See how great she looks at our lunch in the mountains?

And I LOVE the sunsets here! I just run from one window to another looking at the gorgeous colors on the mountains! My brother says I am "sky deprived" because I live in a neighborhood where the trees hide much of the sky. I guess growing up in the Texas Panhandle instilled in me a love of the sky and I miss seeing the sky where I live now.


  1. I wouldn't miss the snow!:)) BUt I love seeing your pictures of all the beautiful scenes around them. SHe is blessed to live there.

  2. Pat - we met at the Midwinter Dinner out at County Line. I just want you to know how much I am enjoying your blog. Several articles have helped me to remember something about my childhood that I think my children will enjoy one day. I have written several short articles just for us. I am not yet confident enough to begin a blog, and I don't have much time right now as I do love my job and I work too much!

    But I have begun, and that is important. Thank you!

  3. Linda, I am so impressed that you have begun. Once you begin, it is only a matter of time before you have a book!! Good luck!!