Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I self-published my book, "Growing Up in the Texas Panhandle" through and had an excellent experience with that company. They did a very professional job, I found them easy to work with; they provided assistance in their online chat room when I got stuck; and, BEST OF ALL, I had to pay them NOTHING up front for the book.

I got some excellent advice from Sharon Lippincott on font size, line spacing and margins and her guidance was most helpful. I did have to contact a couple of times for assistance with my cover photo, and they they helped me iron out a couple of glitches. I also asked several friends to read over my stories and make suggestion or corrections.

I only ordered the number of books that I thought I needed for Christmas giving. I then reordered again because I also sold some to friends and the books arrived at my house seven days after I ordered them. The more books I buy, the cheaper they are. To me, that is a win/win situation! I have not had to pay a large amount of money up front for books and I do not have boxes of books in the garage waiting to be sold. I am having a wonderful time holding MY BOOK in my hands and admiring it.


  1. I think if writers want to selfpublish, this is the way to go.My friend has hundreds of books piled in her garage to sell! It can be depressing!

  2. I'm glad that you, too, have discovered the joys of self-publishing.

  3. Pat,
    I linked here from Kara's blog. I am looking at self publishing a book, too. I paid for a self-publishing company to edit the book, but they did a terrible job.

    Does LuLu edit, or do they make editorial suggestions to you?

    Also, do they advertise your book anywhere for you?

    It sounds like you have had a good experience. Thanks for this helpful post.