Thursday, January 15, 2009


Tomorrow I will leave New Mexico and return home. I will be sad to leave the mountains and the view of the sky all around. I have taken a large number of pictures with my camera, but none of them accurately capture the vastness of this land.

Today I climbed a large hill near my brother's house and stood there looking out over the valley for as far as my eyes could see. Then I turned around and looked up at the mountain looming large behind me. Today I did not take pictures because I realize that I cannot capture the beauty of these wide open spaces except in my heart.

As I climbed down the hill I found a large river rock shaped like a heart and carried it back with me. I will take that heart-shaped rock home and put it by the pond in my backyard. It will be a reminder of this vast mountain place that is so beautiful, even on a winter afternoon.

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