Monday, July 13, 2009


Thanks to Joe, our Ranger guide in Chaco Canyon, I have a new profile picture. He suggested that I might need a picture that was a bit more casual, so he took this one of me on a windswept knoll out in the middle of nowhere. Another friend said it looked like "gone with the wind." I was glad that I had not started out the day with a specific hairdo because the wind out there was really wonderful! It reminded me of my growing-up days in the Texas Panhandle where the wind rarely stops blowing. I LOVED it!
I also think my picture was taken without any makeup. That morning we had climbed up a 300 foot cliff and I had "sweated off" all of the makeup I started the morning with.
When we reached the top of the cliff, the view was glorious! Thank you, Joe!!


  1. yay no makeup! although i always remember mornings in the locker room when you, chris, gloria, and cindy were busy getting all made up. :)

  2. It is a fabulous picture of you!
    cathy voight

  3. Yes, Amy, we still do the makeup thing in the morning! However, in this heat I think mine is mush by 10 a.m. Besides, we did much more talking than makeup--and giving advice to those around us??

  4. I loved the picture! But I am more amazed that you climbed that!! Now way I could:)

  5. Like the natural look!

    Sounds like an enjoyable climb and what a view!

  6. I really like the new picture. It's so casual and fun!