Tuesday, September 9, 2008


I am about tired of hurricanes! We have had way too many threaten the gulf coast where many of our relative live this year! The first one ruined my vacation to one of my favorite beaches where hubby was supposed to attend a conference, the next one made us uneasy while we kept one eye on the Weather Channel during a family gathering, and this current one cannot make up its mind which direction it is going to take. Therefore the phone lines are busy, busy with friends and relatives who live near the coast calling about the situation.

These storms have a hard time making up their minds where they want to come ashore and keep coastal residents on edge through August and September with their fickle ways. We residents farther inland prepare for evacuees and just hope for the rain that they might bring to our parched land in this drought-ridden area. So far the rains have not come, but we pray that this one will bring rain--not tornadoes, strong winds or flooding.

Oops! Time to run listen to the Weather Channel's latest update. This could drive me nuts before hurricane season is over! And I must put clean sheets on the beds for daughter-in-law #3 and two children who are evacuating in our direction tomorrow. Perhaps others will follow. Gotta fix a few casseroles for the freezer tomorrow and stock up on snacks and juice for the young 'uns!


  1. Oh dear, I hope everyone stays safe!

  2. I too hope everyone made it safely! You have a lovely blog:)

  3. Yes, we made it safely—read today’s blog for details. And thanks for your comment.