Monday, September 29, 2008


Marlys Marshall Styne has posted a wonderful article on her blog about blogging. She quotes Anna Quindlen who wrote, "Bloggers old and young know that we are on the bleeding edge of a renaissance in personal writing. Our blogs will become as important to our current and future loved ones as handwritten letters were to people of another era."

I so totally agree with that statement and I save my blog entries both on my hard drive and my external hard drive to make sure that I have copies of what I have written. I am not sure how my loved ones will save these entries like I have saved letters written to me by my grandmother. Seems like blogging technology is a little harder to keep in a treasure box up on the closet shelf where I keep my treasured letters from years ago. Maybe when I am gone my family will just put my external hard drive up on their closet shelf along with their other treasures. Hmmm! Something to ponder further.


  1. Thanks for the kind words, Pat. And good luck on your book. You'll love seeing your stories in print form!

  2. That is something to think about for sure! I never save any of mine except the ones I wrote before I posted. Hope your day is good!