Sunday, September 7, 2008


Barbara discussed talents, gifts, and abilities in her blog yesterday. In light of my struggles with painting, I began to ponder talent--or lack thereof! I have a granddaughter, Em, who can sit down and draw a picture that is an exact representation of something she has seen in the past. She really has a natural talent for drawing with ease and confidence. I, on the other hand, struggle with drawing and painting and writing--but I enjoy all three activities! I relish the creative process of starting with nothing and coming out with something that gives me pleasure. It is the struggle between beginning and ending that gives me more grey hair than I already have!

One thing I have learned over the years is that tenacity goes hand-in-hand with creativity. For me creativity is a process (writing, painting, drawing, etc.) and takes time. I do not whip out a painting in one sitting, but might work on it for months. I write, rewrite, and edit before I am satisfied with what I am writing. I tweak, adjust, rework and then finally declare a piece "done."
I suspect that one of my greatest talents is tenacity.

Perhaps you writers might like to make a list of your talents, gifts, abilities, then pick one to write about in more detail. Perhaps you might also like to describe the tenacity you have for completing projects you begin!

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  1. I was watching Bob Ross today (while procrastinating on homework) and thought of your blog entry. I remember when I was younger I used to watch Bob Ross all the time and accumulated all types of brushes and oil paints and used to try to copy his paintings. I was never very successful but I did use to like it a lot. I liked painting enough to paint a mural under my window in my bedroom. Unfortunately, I was not that tenacious at the time and ended up not doing the greatest job... but it sure was colorful! And also sadly, my parents squashed most of my creativity out of me by high school as the focus then became to excel at math & science to become an engineer, whether or not I actually liked the subjects...