Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Last January my husband was encouraged by a friend to join a yoga class at the gym where we exercise. I went along out of curiosity and was amazed to find that it was a class of all men. Since then the class has balanced out with an equal number of men and women but I felt like a pioneer the first few classes until some other women joined us.

When I first started doing yoga I was in awe of the instructor who seemed to float easily from one pose to another while describing to us where and how to place our various body parts. I put my mat in the far back corner of the room where I ungracefully stumbled, creaked, groaned, struggled and gasped to place my body parts in the near-impossible positions that she was describing. The instructor was infinitely patient in helping me learn how to adapt my body to the moves.

Today in class I realized with surprise that I, too, was beginning to move smoothly through the positions with some semblance of grace and ease. I relaxed and enjoyed the class immensely!

Who says ya can't teach old dogs new tricks?? Or yoga poses??


  1. Brava for sticking it out. In the yoga class I used to attend, the one man was the pioneer. I'm inspired to hear that it's getting easier for you.

  2. Congrats for trying something new! I have never tried yoga but did a few excercize classes at the gym and felt quite like you did!