Saturday, September 20, 2008

On Vacation!

I am having a wonderful time enjoying some cool weather at a condo overlooking the Pacific Ocean. It was supposed to rain all day yesterday and today, but we have lucked out and it has been beautiful both days. We have seen lovely clouds and cool temperatures and some sunshine, but no rain.

We are visiting friends we have not seen in several years, so we have lots of catching up and stories to tell. Today we visited some historic sites that dated back 200 years and marveled at the way people survived in this wilderness without modern conveniences, microwave ovens, cell phones and computers!

Lunch consisted of local oysters that just melted in my mouth and wonderfully flavored clam chowder! Yesterday afternoon for a snack we had smoked salmon (caught and smoked by our host) on Ritz crackers with small, sweet onions that he grew in his garden and capers and cream cheese that he bought in the grocery store. Last night we had "Fish on the Floor," a recipe our host brought from a halibut fishing camp in Alaska--he also brought the halibut that he caught there.

Tomorrow we will leave the Pacific Ocean behind and journey over the mountains to spend a few days inland where our host will take my husband crabbing. Yum! Not sure what we women folk will be doing, but it will probably be fun!


  1. Oh my, what a vacation!! Sounds truly wonderful....and all that yummy food. Treasure every moment.

  2. Thanks, Barbara. We are having fun.

  3. that sounds awesome! the smoked salmon sounds delicious.