Wednesday, September 3, 2008


I lead a couple of wonderful writing groups and I love what happens during the writing sessions between the people. I also enjoy the wonderful writing that is shared after a timed writing on a particular topic. Each writer in the group has a different slant on the subject and each one approaches the topic from a completely different perspective. A dear lady in one of my writing groups wrote the following and shared it with me. She gave me permission to put it on my blog:

"I am discovering that writing in community (all present to each other) is strengthening and leads to self-discovery. The big plus of doing it together and sharing 5- or 10-minute "sprints" of writing is that we then can all identify with each other's selves and expand our self-awareness that way.

The point of the short timed writings is that no one can become self-conscious in so short a time, and the eloquence of the open human heart is inevitable. Maybe you might like to try it. It's not about being a good writer. Worrying about being a good writer can hinder. It's about opening the heart. Writing about the most ordinary things does it -- no high or low subjects -- just an openness that comes through writing with love. "


  1. I would love to be in a writing group!! Thanks for the suggestions.

  2. Create your own around your kitchen table. I will help you with writing prompts.

  3. Pat- Thank you for the comment on my blog today. What a good idea for writing prompts! I'm going to try it.

  4. Yes, I did that some months back with my 10 quirks--spent a bit of time each day elaborating. It was fun.